Friday, April 3, 2009

Jonesboro Target Trial Sizes List

Someone on A Full Cup made a list of all of the trial sizes sold at her local Target store, so I decided to do the same. I used my camera phone and tried to get either a photo or video of all of the name brand items and their prices.

You can often times use coupons to get trial size items for FREE...that is, if the coupon doesn't specify "no trial sizes" or specifies that the coupon is only for a certain size and larger.

This is not be a complete list, as the videos I took with my camera phone didn't come out as well as I thought they would. I'm going to print this list out and take it back to Target so that I can update it. I will try to update this list when I can if I notice any changes.

Shout 4-pk travel size wipes $0.99
Tide 3 ct liquid sink detergent packet $0.97
Tide 2X Ult. 1.6 fl oz liquid laundry detergent $0.97
All 2 oz SM Stainlifter $1.07
Downy Light 3 fl oz travel wrinkle (didn't look, but this could be the wrinkle release) $1.99
Tide 1 ct. Stain Pen mini $2.99
Hefty on the go 10 ct 4 gal handy saks $0.99
Kleenex 14 ct "splash 'n go" travel $0.97
Kleenex 65 ct Juniors Top (not sure what this is) $0.97
Kleenex 45 ct Single pack $0.99
Kleenex 3 pk 45 ct pocket packs $0.99
Ricola 15 ct mini orig. herb drops $0.99
Ludens 14 ct wild cherry cough drops $0.99
Kotex 16 ct wrapped long liners $1.02
KY trial 0.5 oz jelly tube $0.99
Band Aid 10 ct Go Diego Go $0.99
Band Aid 10 ct Hello Kitty $0.99
Nexcare 8 ct Disney bandages $0.99
Band Aid 8 ct clear bandages $0.99
J&J to Go - First Aid Kit $0.97
J&J 1 fl oz baby lotion $0.97
Curel 0.7 oz hand & foot cream $0.99
Dr. Scholls 1 oz overnight foot cream $0.99
Frizz Ease 2 oz mousse travel size $0.97
Herbal Essences 1.7 oz totally twisted gel $0.99
Tresemme 1.5 oz extra hold hairspray $1.57
Pantene 1 fl oz flexible hold hairspray $0.97
Dove 2 oz hairspray $0.99
Dove 1.7 fl oz cool moist shampoo $0.99
Dove 1.7 fl oz dool moist conditioner $0.99
Pantene 1.7 fl oz smooth silk shampoo $0.97
Pantene 1.7 fl oz smooth silk conditioner $0.97
Suave 2 fl oz kids 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner $0.99
Hefty One Zip 7 ct 1 quart travel bags $0.97
Head & Shoulders 1.7 fl oz classic clean shampoo $0.97
Garnier Fructis 1.7 fl oz normal conditioner $0.97
Garnier Fructis 1.7 fl oz normal shampoo $0.97
Herbal Essences 1.7 fl oz hello hydration conditioner $0.97
Herbal Essences 1.7 fl oz hello hydration shampoo $0.97
Complete 2 oz MPS trial travel $1.00
Delights 2 fl oz lotion/gel $0.99
Dove 1 oz facial travel $0.99
Dove 6 ct face cloths normal $0.97
Morning 1 oz burst scrub trial $0.99
Ponds 5 ct clean sweep trial $0.97
Almay Emur 15 ct oil free pads $1.00