Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Extra coupons...how and where to get them

This is just a short list of where and/or how to get some extra coupons to save you even more money!!

1. Buy extra copies of your Sunday paper. This is probably the most obvious way. Figure out which paper has the most or best coupons in it (state vs. local) and buy multiple copies of it when there are coupons in it.

There are several websites that have a list of the upcoming weekend's inserts and which coupons will/should be in them. The one that I look at the most is Taylortown Coupon Preview. Now, you should know that coupons will vary per region/location/newspaper. I only look at this as an estimate as to which coupons I'll get...it's not set in stone.

You should also print out a list of the coupon inserts schedule so that you'll know which weeks' papers will NOT have any coupons in them. This way, you don't rush out to buy 5 papers and end up with zero coupons. :)

HINT: Be sure to check each paper before you buy it to make sure all of the coupon inserts are there.

2. A Full Cup. Click on the button in the sidebar to visit this awesome forum! It's free to join, and you can trade with others for coupons you want and can even print out multiples of Target coupons using the Target coupon generator.

3. Dumpster dive/paper dive. Contact your local recycling office about this first, to make sure they don't mind. Newspapers are usually put into their own box/dumpster, so you should be able to find unused coupon inserts there. Sometimes it depends on what day of the week you visit, but after a few visits, you should be able to figure that out.

HINTS: Be sure to take a small step ladder for getting into and out of the bins. Wear rubber gloves so you don't get newsprint all over your hands (and then your face). Take the kids! They'll have a lot of fun searching for treasure (aka coupons). Plus, they're smaller and easier to get them into/out of the bins.

4. Online coupon clipping resources. I personally use Coupon Dede. I've linked to her in the sidebar. She usually gets my order shipped out same day, and I get it sometimes the next day - depending on what time my order was placed. She also has very reasonable handling fees. This is where my income from online surveys comes in handy. :)

5. eBay. Just be sure that whoever you're getting them from has tons of positive feedback. The closer to 100% positive feedback, the better.

6. eCoupons. If your grocery store has a rewards card, sign up for it. There are some stores that offer electronic coupons that can be loaded onto your card...for FREE.

There are three websites for these types of coupons:

Cellfire You can load these to your cell phone or your shopper card. I have them only on my Kroger card.

P&G eSaver You load these onto your shopper card.

Shortcuts.com Load these onto your shopper card.

Good luck! And happy couponing!!


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