Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coupon Swap

Well, we had another coupon swap today. It was, like last time, a whole lot of fun. The kiddos played and we sorted and swapped our coupons. There were a few new ladies there today, which was great. The more the merrier...and the better coupon selection there is. I took a few pictures before I started sorting...

This is one of our 2 sorting boards. It's for non-food.

Here's our food sorting board.

Sorting action shot.

View of the whole table. And we weren't finished sorting yet at this point.

I am so very glad to be a part of a coupon swap like this. It's nice to be around like-minded ladies and also be able to give the coupons I won't use to someone else. Plus, we are also sending our expired coupons to an overseas military base in Okinawa, Japan.

Next meeting, I believe, is two weeks from today. I'm not sure of location and time, but will post that info when I get it.

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