Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Incredible Spring Specials at Incredible Pizza

Incredible Pizza was first described to me as "Chuck E. Cheese on crack".  The reason for that description is obvious (in a good way) when you first walk in. 

First of all, you don't use coins for the games. Instead, you get a "credit card" that is loaded with however many credits you purchase at the door. You can save that card and add to it each time you visit. Yea for no nasty hands from handling all those coins!!  

Secondly, they have a buffet for the food.  And not just pizza. They have a salad bar, taco bar, pasta bar, potato bar, and dessert bar. WAY more choices than just pizza and the food is good

Now, to the games - the most important part of course.  There are the typical games like they have at other similar places, ride-on things for smaller kiddos, bounce house, glow-in-the-dark miniature golf, go carts (yes, indoors), bowling, and several other fun activities.  This isn't just a place for little's for kids of all ages!!

Birthday parties have a special room set aside for them so they're not taking over the eating or game areas.  And there are two other rooms where you can sit, watch a movie (usually an old black & white), and eat.

Sign up for their email list and they'll send you occasional coupons and deals. Here's a list of deals they have going on right now for the Cordova location:

Daily Deals (no coupon necessary)
*Kids Day Monday:  $7 gets your kids unlimited buffet, free drinks, and a $5 game card.
*Attractions Tuesday:  3 attractions for $5 with full-priced buffet purchase
*Wacky Wednesday:  Choose your option of timed play and receive UNLIMITED play on all attractions and video games!  90 minutes/$12.99   60 minutes/$8.99   30 minutes/$5.99
*Double Thursday:  We'll DOUBLE the value on all game play with your buffet purchase.
*Bonus Day Friday:  Purchase a $20 game card and get a FREE $10 bonus! Or purchase a $10 game card and receive a FREE $5 bonus!

Wear Your Superhero Costume to Incredible Pizza and We'll Add $10 to your game card! No coupon necessary.

Special Online Coupons:

I've only been to IPC twice since we moved here and thoroughly enjoyed it both times. It's one of those places that you can go for lunch and stay the rest of the day or until the kids get tired.  There's something for everyone there.

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