Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's official!! I'm now part of the AdvoCare Family. :)

I have been using AdvoCare Spark since last Summer/Fall, and I absolutely LOVE it!  I was introduced to Spark by a great friend of mine, Bradley Piercy.  He always has so much energy and I asked him one day how he does it.  He gave me a sample, and I've been hooked ever since.

While I don't use Spark every day, I do use it when I need an extra burst of energy to get through the day - and it works!!  It's not like your typical energy drinks - loaded with sugar and caffeine - so you don't have the after-effect of "crashing" when it wears off.

AdvoCare has more than just energy-boosting products.  There are also weight management products, wellness products, advanced sports nutrition products, and even skincare products.  Visit my AdvoCare microsite for a complete list of products.  AdvoCare products not only work great, they're safe to use. Please check out my microsite for more information or to place an order.

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