Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free 3 month Pink Palace Membership

I LOVE that the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis is offering their 3 free months/summer membership! We have gotten  this every year since we moved here and found out about it.  There is no obligation to buy a membership, there are no strings attached, just a FREE 3 month membership! I highly recommend getting this, as it's a great way to spend the day in Memphis with the kiddos and keep costs down.

Register for a FREE 3 month Summer Membership for the Pink Palace Family of Museums. Go to the Pink Palace Website for full details. 

Summer members will receive:
* Unlimited access to the Pink Palace Museum and Lichterman Nature Center
*Discounts on IMAX and Planetarium Tickets, and
* E-invitations to previews of our new temporary exhibit DIAMONDS and our new IMAX film THE ULTIMATE WAVE: TAHITI.

To take part in the free membership:

1. You must register online.  Registration begins May 1 and ends May 31. 
2. You must have a working email account and not Opt-Out of their emails.
3. Print out and bring your membership card with your ID.

Note: The date you register starts the 3 months. SO, if you registered today, May 18, your free membership will expire around August 18.  Since school isn't out for us until June 2, I plan to wait until the 31st to get mine so that I will have the free membership through all of August.  :)

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