Friday, June 24, 2011

Bible in 90 Days: Online Group Starting in July

Before I started going to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) I really wanted to do some type of Bible study, but didn't know where to look.  I came across the Bible in 90 Days reading plan in a post on The Happy Housewife, and was super excited.  I signed up right away and anxiously awaited the starting date for the online discussion group.  What I didn't realize was that if you don't set aside a certain time during the day to do the reading, you'll get behind and quickly become overwhelmed trying to catch up.  I started off doing really well - got through 2-3 weeks of reading, and then life happened.  I got behind and just wasn't able to catch up so, unfortunately, I didn't finish.

Well, it's now summer, BSF isn't meeting again until mid-September, and here's another chance for me to keep up with my daily reading and try the Bible in 90 Days reading plan and participate in an online discussion group.  PERFECT!! 

There are several ways to get your daily reading assignments:

1.  Get a "Bible in 90 Days" Bible.  They run approximately $14.99 and you can get them here.
2.  Visit the YouVersion website and sign up for the reading plan there, entering your start and end dates.  Then just visit daily and you'll be able to read online or in your own Bible if you choose that.  It's free to do this.
3.  Get YouVersion's FREE Bible app for your Blackberry, iPhone, iPod touch, etc...(it's available for a TON of phones) and view and do your reading with that.  The app has tons of reading plans, and the Bible in 90 Days is one of them.  
4.  Print out the reading plan from Mom's Toolbox (who is setting up/hosting the online discussion group) and keep it in your Bible.  

For me, personally, option 3 is the best and easiest option.  I already have the app on my iPod, and it's with me pretty much all day and I don't need an internet connection to do my reading since I downloaded the NIV version a while back when they offered it for free.  

The online discussion/encouragement group runs from July 11 - October 8.  That's plenty of time to sign up at Mom's Toolbox, get everything you need to do the reading, and start praying about making the 1 to 1 1/2 hour a day reading commitment.  I know for me, finding (making) the time every day is going to be my biggest struggle.  Thankfully, though, it's summer time and both kids are home all day, so they can play together while I do my reading if I'm unable to get it done before they get up in the morning. Make the decision now to sign up and participate.  I've heard lots of good things from those who have completed this reading...and I can't wait to see what I'll get out of it. 

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